About Shuler & Hensley

This site has been set up over thirty decades back by a smaller band of family law professionals at the elevation of this HIV/AIDS crisis. The initial Lavender Law® Seminar happened another year at the University in New York. Back in 1999, at the S&H's mid-year meeting, by-laws were presented, and also a nonprofit board of directors has been formalized.

Who We're

Construction on decades of expertise and dedication, we are aware that the fact of HIV/AIDS and enable a wholesome life for everybody.

Our Mission: S&H struggles to get rid of the AIDS outbreak and uplift the lives of affected.

What We Think

  • With the ideal info, support, and care, it's likely to stay healthy, fulfilling life.
  • Whenever folks feel a sense of community, have been enabled with pride and armed forces with advice, they truly are ready to simulate healthy behaviors and build connections and experience expect.
  • To finish the AIDS outbreak, we want comprehensive solutions that promote instruction, improve awareness, improve maintenance, reduce stigma, and increase coverage and build strong and supportive communities.