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We really make a difference

  • Replies that provide trust: be it getting analyzed, coping with HIV/AIDS, achievement in your work and home or Enhancing our voice to policy modification, currently answers that provide hope.
  • Maintenance which boosts health: '' We know the main causes of the disorder and also take a holistic way of treatment from clinical therapy and counseling to legal employment and project placement -- which boosts overall wellbeing for the entire lifespan.
  • We assist you to develop meaningful connections over the S&H community and get aid and return to the others on the way, and that means you are feeling a feeling of
    pride and confidence which enables your own life in your terms.

Does It Matters

AIDS isn't over. The origins of this outbreak are deep and wide, from misinformation and stigma into the rising cost of maintenance. In S&H, we believe we can end the outbreak by addressing the underlying factors, changing cultural beliefs and encouraging smart behaviors which enable a wholesome life for every one us.