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The Cobb Energy Centre awards are named for award winning Marietta native, Shuler Hensley. 

Shuler Awards Mission :
To recognize and promote excellence in high school musical theatre through a high-profile event
designed to raise the public’s awareness of the value of the arts in educating students.



2015 : The 7th annual Shuler Hensley Awards were held on 23rd April 2015.

ArtsBridge Foundation Presents the Shuler Hensley Awards to Georgia High School Students 

Online interview with Shuler


2014 : The 6th annual Shuler Hensley Awards were held on 17th April 2014.

The Awards were recorded and will be broadcast in August on WSB-TV

Tri-Cities High School dominates Shuler Hensley Awards 

2013 : The 5th annual Shuler Hensley Awards were held on 18th April 2013.

Local actors walk the red carpet for Shuler Awards. Great 6min video! 

Blockbuster Awards Ceremony 

Georgia High School Music Awards show provides students a taste of the big time 

High School Performers Get Chance to Shine 

2012 : The 4th annual Shuler Hensley Awards were held on the 17th April 2012.

High school stars walk the red carpet for Shuler Hensley Awards, with photos and videos. wsbtv.com 

Official photos : Performance      Rehearsal 

Results, with photos. (Chelsey Willis, Arts Atlanta) 

2011 : The 3rd annual Shuler Hensley Awards took place at the Cobb Energy Centre, Atlanta on Tuesday 26 April 2011.

Roll Out The Red Carpet; Awards Honor Top Georgia Actors. wsbtv.com - video - Shuler introduces West Forsyth High School (winners of best overall production) performing Kansas City from Oklahoma! 

"These kids are just coming out from everywhere and they are just so many years ahead of where they should be," Hensley said. "It's just amazing the level of talent and just the maturity on stage."

Shuler Hensley Awards spotlight teen theater. (Lynn Peisner, Access Atlanta)   

“I would have loved to have been a part of something like this when I was a high school student,” Hensley said backstage.

2010 : The 2nd annual Shuler Hensley Awards were presented on Tuesday, April 13 2010 at the Cobb Energy Centre, Atlanta.  

4 min video from the Awards show has Shuler singing Comedy Tonight plus a marvellous high school performance of Aida 

PRESS RELEASE : "Shuler Hensley himself will kick off the April 13th spectacular and serve as co-host of the event joined by Jovita Moore and Justin Farmer, WSB-TV Channel 2 News Anchors. 'It's an incredible honor' said Hensley. 'It sort of makes me feel like I'm still linked to the community.' Having grown up in the arts, Shuler recalled the "magic" of actor-audience relationships.
Full, exciting, report, here : 

2010 Shuler Hensley Awards Nominees Announced 


2009 was the inaugural year of the Shuler Hensley Awards.
Read all about them!
Here are several articles and photos which featured on the internet :

Marietta native, award-winner Shuler Hensley to host high school musical awards. (Ashley Hungerford, Marietta Daily Journal)  

To start the show, which begins at 7pm, Hensley will perform a large musical production with dozens of the nominated high school students. "The plan is to open the show where everyone's involved; this whole show is about the kids," he said.

Hensley said he has big plans for the future of the award show. "I'd like to bring managers and agents down to the kids to see what it's like to really be a working actor," he said. "Making contacts is probably the most important thing you can do. It'll be a perfect way to teach kids what it means to network."

Drama queens, kings to be honored. (Wendell Brock, Atlanta Journal Constitution) 

Announced in July, the Shulers are the brainchild of Mark B. Kent, who runs Cobb Energy Centre’s educational outreach program. “It has become much bigger than I envisioned it would be in its first year,” Kent says. He expects about 1,500 people at tonight’s event. Atlanta theater luminaries such as Kenny Leon of True Colors Theatre, John McFall of Atlanta Ballet and Dennis Hanthorn of Atlanta Opera will present the prizes. Nominees will arrive in a fleet of Mercedes sedans and walk a red carpet. “It’s going to be a big deal for these kids,” says Hensley.

Blockbuster Awards Ceremony Will Celebrate High School Musical Theatre on April 14. (Atlanta Daybook) 

The ceremony which honors Atlanta-born, award-winning actor and singer Shuler Hensley is the finishing touch for a program that involved more than 1,500 students, teachers and parents from 15 high schools who have been staging popular musical productions since last October: from the madcap antics of Anything Goes, the hilarity of Guys and Dolls and the romanticism of South Pacific to wholesomely joyful The Sound of Music, the dance-happy Footloose and the homicidal thriller Sweeney Todd.

Schools receive award nods. (Ashley Hungerford, Marietta Daily Journal)  

"This is a great way to affirm what so many schools across the metro area are doing," he said. "The organizers have said from the beginning that this is not a competition - this is about recognizing excellence."

Shuler Awards honor Atlanta’s high school theater. (Wendell Brock, Atlanta Journal-Constitution) 

Making their debut Tuesday night at the Cobb venue, the Shuler Hensley Awards for Excellence in High School Musical Theatre were a giddy, spirited, red-carpet affair that celebrated and validated the wealth of talent in area schools. To the judges’ credit, no single school steamrolled the event: The squiggly crystal trophies, named for Marietta native and Broadway star Hensley, were spread among eight of the 13 nominated groups.

After tonight,” Hensley said, “it’s safe to say that musical theater is alive and well and thriving in the great state of Georgia.”

A night of stars. (Ashley Hungerford, Marietta Daily Journal)  

The night was bigger than just the nominees and award recipients, organizers said. In fact, the words, "And the winner is," were never mentioned. "Every school that introduces the arts to our young people is a school of excellence," said Hensley. "This is not a competition, it's a celebration of theater and the theater community."

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